Craig C. Cline 

Born with a burning curiosity and tempered by a scientific understanding I found myself in an unlikely set of circumstances beginning with the mechanical age that quickly gave way to the information age. I appreciate the advantage while growing up as a doctor's son I had materialistic opportunities that were coupled with the fortunate meeting of extraordinary people who set examples of hard work when under the influence of a powerful imagination could create interesting paintings, jukeboxes and fast cars.

Craig's Life Eras in Pictures


High School
Lovett and Northside High

University of Tennessee

Working World


Craig's Interests

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Past Employment

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My first novel, Crossing Peachtree Creek

is about growing up in Atlanta and moving away to Asheville

Craig Cline's Forebears

Maternal Grandparents
Frank and Helene (O'Neill) Claus

Paternal Grandparents
Sandor and Margerat Cline

Craig Cline's Parents

Gloria Claus Stone

Steven G. Cline, MD


Steven Cline MD

Steven G. Cline MD

Carol Lacy

William D. Stone MD DDS

Craig Cline Siblings

Craig Cline

Craig C. Cline

Courtney Cline

Courtney R. Cline 

Carol Lacy

Carol (Cline) Lacy

Craig Cline and Elizabeth Ward

married 2012

Craig's Children

Alison Beechner

Alison (Cline) Beechner

Stevie Macleod


Son in Law
Paul Beechner


Daughter Stevie (Cline) MacLeod

Son in Law
Ross MacLeod

Craig's Grandchildren

Lucas Beechner

Arianna Beechner

Everly Beechner

        S T O R Y    T E L L I N G

Living in Germany

Lovett Train Trip to
NYC, Washington, DC and Williamsburg

Landing a Beechcraft Musketeer
I-75 Marietta, Georgia   1969

Engine quit and I put three UT student passengers down on unopened stretch of I-75

Green Apartment Building   1974

Bobby, Graham Geralds, Kathy

We Find A Secret Hill at the Biltmore Estate
September 4, 2021

Outing in Our Inflatable Kayak
with Liz, Craig and Rose

September 19, 2021

First Camping in Roadtrek Chase
October 29, 2021