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Collective Thoughts of a Curious Person

If it is important it is worth documenting. Starting with the basic laws of physics we see that all of existance can be considered as field theory and how it relates to our material existence. Magnetic fields exert powerful torque in an electric drill which we use to make holes of various diameters.   

February 13, 2016
OK I don't spend one second keeping up with sports. In earlier times at work I missed out on manly comradery of re living great plays. In the end there is a score that becomes unimportant after the fact. The tribal belief of having alligence to a team is a pretention that un unfathomable to a mind engrossed in other real topics. You may say that any time spent is of equal value, and in a chaotic perspective this is true. Much drama, screaming and fighting that in itself is entertaining in a over-loaded brutish way, but like Ferindane the Bull I would rather sniff flowers.