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The Conversation

Chapter One

An unusual thought, fleeting by nature yet with some appeal, perhaps to be proven foolish or impertinent, did come to me in the form of a colorful dream concerning a momentous meeting in the Grand Hall of Kingdom of Heaven with the presence both God the Father and His Son. The idea was preposterous especially as seen in the scrutinous light of reality that on this earth and in my life even our own City government had been lethargic and resistive with any efforts to gain audience with an simple entity no higher than a minor official. In reflection this visionary encounter must have its roots some poor fantasy emerging from the frustrations and nagging unfulfillment derived from a perceived low standing within the community and now here was an opportunity to fantasize an encounter well beyond any normal expectations of a human mortal; at least before ones ordained demise.To the height of these fanciful musings a cold danger was sensed in the form of a serious warning along with an acknowledgement there may be written attempt, this attempt, to record the proceedings, and simultaneously attached a strongly felt advisement that no ungoverned questions would be tolerated, and that these questions would answered only in the affirmative or negative. It was also put upon this supplicant to well consider for what purpose that which I beseeched would be used and how that would benefit my fellow man. These requirements by the Creator seemed to provide logical guidelines and it became incumbent upon myself to draft a discourse that might yield some revelation for both the sciences and my own understanding of this extraordinarily large cosmos. Dread more than excitement filled my being as there seemed to be many ways to offend and a narrow path to insight. Nonetheless the opportunity required a good effort and so my questions, based on years of existence on this planet, slowly formed, edited, revised, and reformulated were made and the time neared to begin the frightful inquiry.

February 21, 2006

The Conversation

Posted by Craig Cline, February 22, 2016


In a world as crazy as this one, it ought to be easy to find something that happens solely by chance. It isn't.

Kevin McKeen

The Orderly Pursuit of Pure Disorder

In the basement of Saint Theresa is the dining room where full tableware and cloth was set and spread out over a large area were many white haired women sitting at tables, some in wheelchairs, engaged in various conversations. Near one column, near my table sitting was the retired physicist, Dr. Paul Brighton, and with him three other women who were listening to attentively to every word he spoke. His career had eventually landed in here in this assisted living facility for those who were fortunate enough to have enough money to enjoy this level of service. His well groomed but dyed light brown hair stood out amongst the others and he appeared animated yet it was obvious that this conversation was not about technicalities but more than likely the quality of the dinner. Everyone dressed in finery and he was no exception boasting an expensive tie and flattering blazer. Dinner had been selected by the patrons from a small menu that contain items preselected by nutritionist who also doubled as an accountant in assuring management the cost of goods would not exceed the specified amount. It was neither bland nor tasty yet beyond its gourmet appeal to those with diminished taste buds the food handily served as both ice breaker and topic of discussion well after it had been eaten.

My salmon to me was uneatable perhaps because of my conversion to a nearly exclusive vegetarian diet but the side items were good to a hungry man. Glancing again at the scientist I weighed the possibilities of entering into a discussion about the Everett Many World Theory but quickly realized the odds were near zero without making a spectacle of myself in front of this iconoclast group. My befuddlement centered around the want to know more of term ‘likelihood’ whose suffix ‘hood’ connoted a state of being, a state of fitness, appropriateness, suitable and righteousness which could be tested by scientific means: a likelihood of happening. Against it was the nemesis randomness. And to the scholar one might determine if one were in the middle of a cause and effect where probability was determinable and therefor outcomes could not only be known but directed. As it were our thoughts were redirected to the plates and staff who by the way were black females who wore colored wigs. At the end of desert a group of regulars whose in-club consisted of drinking bourbon predictably arrived at the last minute for their meal appeared ready to consume the remaining edibles. My hopeful conversation though now lost would require another time and place.

The Conversation

By Craig Cline posted February 23, 2016


No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

–Robin Williams

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

- Mother Teresa

Anybody would be worried over an important meeting: preparing an agenda, being prepared with facts relating to topics and keeping ideas on track. Trouble is in adlibbing the discourse is what to do if and when it took sharp turns. Then there’s the soundboard practice trying to convince someone else as you rattle off talking points, listening to your own mouth emit gnarly utterances all in form of an inexperienced amateur actor grasping for any words that sound somewhat reasonable. It was likely that a faux pas opening would ruin everything else and there was no available audience to fly trial balloons.

Most physicists will say that our cosmos is ruled by wave theory, and that particles and matter are secondary effects. To all new agers who suck down drugs and spit up ‘we are all one’ this observation is not a get out of reality free card. The dark energy and matter as well of the visible all add up to zero; it did come from nothing more than a scalar field potentiality. Yet the odds of a big bang that produces 118 elements is near zero small. Again so is being alive as an advanced technological creature on a planet teeming with life with hair trigger nuclear weapons in many wrong hands riding on the edge of a climate catastrophe. So interesting yet to most commonplace boring.

It’s known that carbon is necessary to life as we know it, and that hydrogen is the grandfather of all the other elements. But to make Carbon from Hydrogen requires a triple-alpha-process that did not make nearly enough Carbon during the big bang. Earth happens to have all the carbon it needs by an unusual property of resonance of exact proportions. Discovered by Fred Hoyle, all of the constants of the universe must be exactly so, and they are, and we are here to see it. According to this controversial fine-tuning hypothesis, life can only evolve in rare patches of the multiverse where the fundamental constants are fine-tuned to support the existence of life. All it took was a previously advanced civilization to create a big bang with the proper initial conditions. One that would foster more universes that were not sterile. This is the essence of question one.