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Military Artifacts

From the Civil War to World War II artifacts such as fighting knives, pistols uniforms and medals have been a common denominator to men at war. This collection is  reminder of human conflict and a rememberance to those who died defending our freedom.

Captian Frank Tilman USAAC was a DC-3 pilot and his brother Isham was a B-17 Pilot. Frank kept most of his army gear and this display is dedicated to the brothers.

Other Arms Relics

Pistols, ammunition (blanks) and Pikes.

Scale Model Fighter Planes

WWII to modern jet fighters with scaled accessories.

Gloria and Bill Stone

Many of the items were first collected by my mother and step-dad and given to myself.  Most of their collection was sold to rennovate their lake house before it was sold. My collection  is dedicated to their good efforts which will be passed on for eventual public display.