Antique Phonographs and Penny Arcade Machines

Edison, Victrola and Exhibit Supply Mfg. Penny Arcade Machines including  a Auto-Stereoscope Flip Car Viewers.

Silvertone Radio Cabinet
Retrofit Sony Amplifier

1911 Victor VV-VI
Victola the Sixth


1 Cent Gum Dispenser

Edison Amberola DX Cylinder Phonograph

July, 1914 the D-X appeared - equipped with a Fireside motor. The December 1914 factory fire ended production of this model.

Edison Mimeograph No.1

1902 A.B. Dick flat bed duplicating machine. It sold for $15 which is $476in 2021. It is a hand drawing stencil duplicator.
Dick coined the name "Mimeograph" for his stencil duplicating system, from the Greek "mimos" (imitation) + "graphos" (writing).

Victrola VV-XI

Victor Talking Machine Co. retrofitted with modern turntable, tube amplifier and Bluetooth capability. Due to the large volume that were originally produced, these floor model versions of the VV-XI (and many similar Victrola models) are typically ignored by collectors today, unless in exceptional original condition. Far too many were produced to be considered 'collectible' in the current market.

Lucky Photo Vendor

Equipment Supply Manufacturing

Ad for Lucky Photo Vendor

J. Frank Meyer (left) of ESCO worked from offices on Printers’ Row in Chicago. This 1914 photo shows the vending card machines for “art models” against the wall. The photo was obtained from Chet Gore and appeared in Bob Schulhof’s “Penny Arcade” newsletter in 1990.