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Storer Studios

The creation of Storer Studios in Atlanta in the mid-1960’s seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect it was about five or more years too soon. The studio grew but nonetheless struggled for about four years. Eventually, history proved that Atlanta was not yet prepared to support a nine thousand square foot soundstage, editing, sound and animation operations despite a valiant effort by all the people who worked for the studio and did their best to make it a success. The demise of Storer Studios became inevitable due to to non-payment for post-production by the New York Production company for the feature length film.
When Storer finally closed, Bob went on to pursue his interest in Motion Pictures and to establish a successful equipment rental and grip service in Miami.

Computerized Animation Stand

Difficult complex zooms and pans were first calculated using the newly made mini-computers and stepper motors designed by Charlie Vaughn.

Hellenistic Greek Artifacts

Together for Days

Together for Days is a 1972 blaxploitation independent film directed by Michael Schultz, and stars Clifton Davis, Lois Chiles, Northern Calloway and Samuel L. Jackson in his film debut. It was shot entirely in Atlanta, Georgia. Leonard Jackson also played Phil and was cast in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple thirteen years later.

The film is about a romance between an African-American man and a Caucasian woman and the reaction of their friends and family to the mixed race relationship.

On May 6, 2010, Jackson appeared on The Tonight Show and joked that he was glad that host Jay Leno was unable to find a copy of the film. He also said it had been re-released sometime later under the title Black Cream.

cast and crew

  • Notable for being the directorial debut of Michael Schultz (COOLEY HIGH, CAR WASH, THE LAST DRAGON), the first film appearance of Samuel L. Jackson, and the sole big-screen performance by ill-fated Sesame Street cast member Northern Calloway...


    a.k.a. BLACK CREAM


    Clifton Davis (Gus)

    Lois Chiles (Shelley)

    Northern Calloway (Calvin)

    Leonard Jackson (Phil)

    Gisela Caldwell (Karen)

    Woodie King, Jr. (Jerry)

    Liz Wright (Miriam)

    Ben Jones (Douglas)

    Andrea Frye (Sister Sonji)

    Gilbert Lewis (Big Bubba)

    Samuel L. Jackson (Stan)

    Brooks Clift (Officer Hanratty)

    Sherman Perkins (Officer Murchinson)

    Scott Childress (1st Policeman)

    Michael Hatfield (2nd Policeman)

    Emmanuel Hall (Reporter)

    J.E. Nation (Museum Guard)

    Dennis Henry (1st Sponsor)

    Bob Hill (2nd Sponsor)

    Eileen Gordon (Party Hostess)

    Frank Hines (Shelley's Dance Partner)

    Brad Blaisdell (Hippie)

    Georgia Allen (Gus' Mother)

    Mimi Honce (Wig Lady)

  • CREW

    Directed by

    Michael Schultz

    Produced by

    Robert S. Buchanan

    Screenplay by

    William B. Branch

    Story by

    Lindsay Smith

    Cinematography by

    Donald H. Hudgins

    Original Music by

    Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

    Edited by

    Marshall M. Borden

    Art Direction by

    Carlton Moulette

    Sound Mixer

    David Patterson

    Camera Operator

    Brian Roy