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The Forebears Craftsman
Memorial Ark

The modern replacement for the antique mantel clock that contains the family history, photographs, accomplishments and more, all in one easy to access place. The bluetooth 100 watt amplifier powering 6.5" stereo speakers and touchscreen chromebook will stream your favorite music or podcasts as well as bring to life precious family pictures and videos.

An interactive family tree menu system makes the private viewing the personal history of every participating family member, from the great-grandparents to the new born babies. No longer will the family stories be lost to the young when a member dies. The Ark System utilizes modern digitizing photographic enhancement and AI to help convert your boxes of images and tapes into an organized set of files.

Craig Cline, Partner of Cline-Ward LLC has been involved in the design and creation of multiple Interactive Public Information consoles for The Hewlett Packard Company, Federal Express, the Weather Channel and the City of Atlanta. He has been Vice President of several mid-sized architectural and construction firms.

About the Forebears mission

When family member passes the memories and stories are forever lost. By placing as much information in one location and the Forebears Ark heirloom can be passed for several generations bringing to life that otherwise would be forgotten.

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