Craig Cline

Architect, artist, mechanical designer, hot rodder and construction manager. Creativity and imagination together coupled with a strong work ethic has produced many interesting and some award winning works.

The beauty of nature can be captured to an extent if the artist maintains a sharp lookout for it. The above image at Anna Ruby Falls was composed of four images stiched together to give a very wide angle appearance.

A view from the inside of my 1957 Chevrolet on the sands of Daytona Beach. Again this is a super-wide angle view of one of the few ocean drives where cars were allowed on the beach. The driver's POV recalls the experience of commanding one of the hot rod classics amongst bikes, swimmers and drunks.

Though no guilds were available to gain apprenticeship it is possible to use the old ways of copying the master works. Pieter Brughel's work that often displayed large amount of space was inspirational and taught me to drop my drug fueled distorted images to strive towards a sense of realism, something not easily obtained at a whim.

Farout and nuts cartoons let it all out to hang on the line. Ideas quickly became reality and more often than not were sponsered by weed and drink. Creativity however was explored and the imagination proved to be a very strange and fascinating world.

Drawings selected from my notebooks featuring work while studying in France.


Family drawings of Great Grandfater Klein, Rose Klein, and Margaret Cline 

My mother was an important influence in my formative years, from illustrations on my dresser to seeing her paint in her studio.

Craig Cline

Oil Painting, Scale Modeling, Architecture and Robotics

Stephanie MacLeod

Drawing, painting and sculpture

Geza Kende

Though not a blood relative, Gaza was a famous Hollywood portraitist who was a life-long friend of Arpod Kallos and Bela Lugosi 

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