The Many World Interpretation, Implications for Classical Reality

A set of rules for living  can be derived from a theory that is designed for the explanation of subatomic particles. Why acceptance and practice of this viewpoint can have a major impact in both personal and public life.

Though it is a long leap to agreeing that the behavior of matter at the quantum level of description for the behavior of subatomic particles also holds true in our classical world that we live in, there is some common sense logic in the consideration of this analogy to the process of how our lives evolve through time. At every major decision point in our lives we are dimly aware of the consequence of choice, but cannot fathom all the implications of that new path determined. There are so many variables that change with each decision that it is not a far conclusion that we have actually changed our environment and essentially our entire universe. It is a synaptic event that finally determines our choice, whether it be a right or left turn at a juncture, and this threshold of synaptic 'fire/ not to fire' boils down to a quantum event that can be viewed as our choice simultaneously being in both states. Thus our lives can be thought as splitting at each turn of events. Does the world actual fragment into pieces so varied for each person that it beomes a hodgepodge of realities? Since we cannot communicate to the other universes except by the imagination of 'what if scenarios’' it is a mute point of contention as the unviewed worlds are simply figments and not solid entities. We are experienced with the spreadsheet's power to accurately for cast end results (the bottom line) by changing important elements.

Quantum phenomenon are one of the most exact and studied properties of matter in the scientific world. The properties of diodes that allow electrons to appear outside the energy well of allowable locations is used accurately in electronic circuits. The neurological processes in thought formation uses electrical signals in complex patterns whose end result is a final holistic confirmation of a choice. At this juncture new worlds are created that can impact the quality of human life. To view this process in a many world context stresses the importance of the power of critical tree branching decision-making. Most decisions are petty and have little impact on life yet others are game changing. Awareness of the process opens the range possibilities especially for additional leveraged events that may have long term consequences. Typically these turning point questions are related to house, car and spouse selections as well as financing details. There are also many other opportunities that are missed due to unawareness of potential outcomes.

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