Forebears Memorial System

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Save Yourself-Forebears Memorials

"They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and
the second, a bit later on, when somebody mentions your name for the last time." - Bansky.

Remembrance Garden 

Edged garden with Lilacs, roses, or lavender for my father and mother

Forebears Console
Virtual Memorial 

A private website  like this one will eventually be, with detailed family history, stories, interests and a life time displayed in consoles from full sized jukeboxes to mantel clock displays

Forebears Wall Display

Dedicated Display of objects lit with LEDs 

Forebears Mantel 
Virtual Memorial

Private Memorial Website with Family History


Craig Cline
10 Sunset Terrace
Asheville, NC 28801

10 Sunset Terrace
Asheville, NC  28801

Phone: 678-410-2170


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