Frank and Helen Claus

Lived in Buffalo, New York and Ridgeway, Ontario.

Parents of Frank and Helen Claus

Catherine O'Neill (Kern) 
b May 20, 1863
d Buffalo, NY Aug 24, 1943 in Buffalo, NY
11 children

Frank Claus

Henry O'Neill
b Aug 15, 1859 in Buffalo, NY
d ?


Katherine Kranz Claus
b July 5, 1853
d June 23, 1935

 Daniel William Claus
b Dec 24, 1854 in Buffalo, NY
d June 25, 1925 in Ontario 

Frank and Helen Claus

Helen Emily O'Neil (Claus)

b May 10, 1895 in Buffalo, NY

d Dec 11, 1951in Buffalo, NY
4 children

Frank Louis Claus

b Aug 26, 1882 in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

d October 29, 1970 in Buffalo, NY

The Claus Children

Cortland Frank Claus

b May 25, 1925  in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada
2 children

Colleen Carol Claus (Vincent)

b Nov 8, 1932  in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada
2 children

Virginia Lillian Claus (Heinz)

b Jan10, 1927 in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

3 children

Gloria Helene Claus (Stone)

b Sept 13, 1923 in Buffalo, NY

3 children

Painting by Helene Claus

Gloria and her mother Helen would paint together.

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