Elizabeth Ward PhD 

Through intellectual achievement she bootstrapped herself from her childhood home in a one bedroom garden apartment to become a lead epidemiologist and legal consultant protecting public health by fighting corporate malfeasance 

Story of the Dangerous
French Broad Swim

Liz Ward's Grandparents

Thomas J Coleman

Mildred Farley

William J Ward

Rosalie M Schuman

Liz Ward's Parents

Jacqueline Coleman

Steven G. Cline, MD


Clifford Ward


Elizabeth Ward

Jackie Dowling

Craig Cline and Elizabeth Ward

2010 Married in Marietta, Georgia

2012 Moved to Asheville, NC 

Craig has 2 Children, Ally and Stevie from previous marriage

Liz's Children

Rosey Dog

Rosy Dog

Toby Dog

Toby Dog

Nicolas Steenland

Nicolas Steenland

Maria Steenland

Maria Ward Steenland

Shotgun Wedding Party

Outing in Our Inflatable Kayak with Liz, Craig and Rose

September 19, 2021

10 Sunset Terrace
Asheville, NC  28801

Email: clinearts@gmail.com
Phone: 678-410-2170


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