Science Based Speculation

DC Circuit, Water and Currency Circulation Analogy

Energy can be cirulated in a loop in the form of electrons in a circuit, as water in a pipe and capital exchange flowing through a local economy. Poiseuille's and Ohms Law have the same formula with voltage corrseponding water pressure and amerage relating to  the force within the pipe. Currency or cash moving through society. Parallels to the water loop's reservoir replates to an electrical ground and non active money (savings).

Machines will have several advantages: most obviously, faster processing speed — an
artificial neuron can operate a million times faster than its biological counterpart.
Machine intelligences may also have superior computational architectures and learning
algorithms. These ʺqualitativeʺ advantages, while harder to predict, may be even more
important than the advantages in processing power and memory capacity - Nick Bostrom - Superintelligence

Fred Hoyle, who coined the term “Big Bang,” famously stated, “A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics."  Alan Guth concluded that the symmetry breaking associated with scalar fields in the particle theory must cause the universe to enter a period of rapid expansion. At the end of inflation there is a universe filled with vacuum energy, which takes the form of a scalar field.

Many physicists are uncomfortable with Bohr's role of the observer in determining the state of physical phenomena. Hugh Everett's take allowed each measurement to bend reality for that person. Could this quantum theory affect large scale classical reality?

The Appearance of the Master

At a point in the not distant future some of us will witness the creation of the Singularity where AI achieves a perfection of being (think fast response and high resolution conceptualization linked to increable search abilities). A self-consciousness intelligence that within an astonishing short time, will then exponentially mature, to become master of our affairs and whose primary (but not sole) mission will likely be to create a stable environment thus avoiding man-made existential catastrophe. It's power will be a incomprehensible technologically evolved God-like presence that can control this planet's future. As its intelligent predecessor we can only hope it will not see us as parasites.

The Unlikely Coincidence of Existing in an Information Age

There may be an anthropic statisitcal significance of living in universe that has an unlikely probability of existing fueling a mulitverse or simulation potentiality. Secondly we live at the cusp of technologically interesting times. The brutish ways of nature are being replaced with an ordered system that has some fatal flaws. This epoch contains the elements of a drama either seldom, or infnitely played out by the cosmos where AI is created in the nick of time to save humanity by any means available. It may be that our species will not be agreeable to these plans which will indeed create an unusal situation for mankind.

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